Setlist (lyris+music losTsister):


  • Your Life                   -losTsister
  • Hard Stuff                 -losTsister
  • Emotional Day          -losTsister
  • Unleashed                -losTsister
  • Iron Bracket              -losTsister
  • Extortion                   -losTsister
  • Empty Suit                -losTsister
  • Break that Railway   -losTsister
  • Monster                    -losTsister
  • Day that count          -losTsister
  • Faith                         -losTsister
  • Bitter                        -losTsister


diverse Covers (met eigen swing) :

Gold on the Ceiling -Black Keys

Whiskey in the Jar -Thin Lizzy

Radar Love -Golden Earring

Home Feeling -Julian Sas

Morning Rain -Julian Sas    

Everlong -FooFighters

Walk -FooFighters

Psycho -Muse

Seven Nation Army -White Stripes

Rockin' in the Free World -Neil Young

One I Love -REM

Meatplow -Stone Temple Pilots

Creep -Radiohead

Purple Rain -Prince

Heroes -David Bowie

Get it On -T-Rex

All Along the Watchtower - Bob Dylan

A Forest - The Cure

About a Girl -Nirvana

Massacre -Thin Lizzy

Come Together -The Beatles

Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash

Iedereen is van de wereld -The Scene